Testimonials about Your Foreign Auto Part Dealer in Colorado Springs, CO

“I’ve dealt with you guys for thirty years and have never been disappointed.”-Bruce B.

“You guys are my go-to for used parts.” -Adam W.

“Your availability of quality used parts always impresses me.” -Tom F.

“Your knowledge of your inventory always amazes.” -Bill W.

“I’m impressed with your knowledge and courtesy every time that I call.” -Pam R.

“Your ability to find and get parts always surprises me.” -Lisa M.

“Your quick and courteous free delivery to my shop is greatly appreciated.” -Butch C.

“Thanks for the good service.” -Fred A.

“Hope you are around for another thirty years.” -Ted B.

Best Foreign Used Parts Inc.
400 South 16th St. Colorado Springs, Co, 80904 | 719-633-5658 | 800-624-7364